The Masks

Sizing : 

     S/M: for teens and petite adult faces

     M/L: for average to larger adult faces

     Kids (3-6): for kids ages 3 to 6

     Kids (6-9): for kids ages 6 to 9


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"LOVE this mask"

- Ann Guns


- Kathi Berens

"We love the masks!!! Thank you" 

- Jenny Bergholz

"This mask is AWESOME. Incredibly comfortable. AND IT DOESN'T FOG UP MY GLASSES!!! Everybody should buy one from Grace Lee *right this very minute!*""

- Brad Berens

"These are simply fabulous" 

- Randall Keith

"They are beautiful and so well made" 

- Jenny Bergholz

"We both love our masks" 

- Alison Tinger

"There are really spectacular"

- Carrie Teller of Unicorn Bake Shop

"Your masks are AMAZING. Honestly. I have tried so many and this one is actually comfortable and it fits my face! I am in heaven"

- Elissa Rust